192K Concept

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Magic Presence Studios


A personal and intimate recording environment, designed
for the recording projects produced by Magic Moreno.
The soft, comfortable feel and exquisite sound integrity,
provide the perfect ambience for creative, clear
thought and musical inspiration. 

Exclusively 192k  Recording

Set in a Mediterranean chateau type ambience in Redondo Beach Ca.,
the studio is an exclusive 192K sample rate stereo
and 5.1 DVD recording facility. The studio utilizes the most
sophisticated and technologically advanced computer
systems togther with the warmth and solidity of analogue
recording, to capture pristine musical performances and deliver
the sound of 192K transparent silkiness all the way to
the finished mastered product without dithering or bit crunching.

The 192k  Concept

The philosophical reasoning behind a spiritually based value
to recording at this high sample rate is discussed under
  192K concept. In short though, numerous Masters in the
study of enlightenment have indicated that recording at this
 very high sample rate allows the emotion or feeling
produced at the time of recording to adhere itself to the
modulation and stay with it to the final listener's ear.
This is reminiscent of the feeling a person could get
from listening to a lacquer disk recording.




The obvious benefit is to the spiritual
community. An artist capable of great
light filled emotion can have that
same feeling realized by all of his
or her listeners. Consequently, the
studio has done a number of
spiritual albums.
"I can't believe the tears I feel.
It's the same feeling I had when
I recorded the song".-Royal Adams


The sound of this studio is so
pure, it's delicious. The quality
of 192k is clean but not sterile.
It's a producer's dream to hear in
such depth and pristine imaging.
The monitoring system is tuned to exactness, and hearing a playback
in surround is overwhelming.

The studio is equipped with projection in both the tracking
and control room, facilitating post production foley and ADR.

A hand picked selection of microphones and outboard gear
have been chosen to accommodate many varied styles of music.

There are two lounges, kitchen, and guest accommodations available,
plus a hot tub spa, basketball court and smoking area.

 The digital audio processors are the Intel Dual Quad Core i7
that have plenty of muscle to handle hundreds of tracks
of surround channel audio with processing at 192K.
  Combine this with 8 gigs of ram, an 8 drive 10,000 rpm
raid array, and a Gigabyte motherboard, and you have a solid,
stable DSP work horse for the most intricate plugin intensive
mix environment imaginable.

The studio uses Apogee X16 converters and Lynx. AES 16 interfaces
providing transparant colorless A/D, D/A conversion
and reliable jitter free Clocking.

Steinberg Nuendo latest revision Software

TC Electronics 96K Reverb Systems

Waves, Universal Audio, URS, Native Inst., TC Electronics,

Izotope, Melodyne, Plugins

Steinberg, Native Inst. Virtual Instruments

Tascam Gigastudio, EMU Systems, Library and Samplers

Wave Labs Mastering Suite, Har-Bal Spectrum Analysis

Antares Auto Tune, Waves Restoration Suite

Demiter, Avalon, Focusrite, API,  Mic Pres

Allen Smart (SSL), DBX, Aphex, Lexicon, Rane,
Outboard Compressors, Effects & EQs.

Otari 24 Track and 1/2" 2 Track Recorders

24 Channel Dolby SP Rack, Lynx. Syncronisation,

Overhead projection in both control room and tracking studio

24 Channel Control Surface, 5.1 Monitoring

Room tuning by Westlake Audio.






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